Top 3 Ways to Save Money on Motoring

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Owning a vehicle can be an expensive endeavour. From the first outlay to buy the car, then to Insurance, fuel, maintenance, and then the dreaded MOT – the bills of how much a car will cost to run can mount up. A recent study by NumbleFins placed the average cost to run a car in the UK in 2021 at £3,081! With the average salary in Scotland at £25,200 – that means that car ownership is costing 12% of the average Scot’s salary – a very big purchase!

The biggest yearly expense that could be avoided or at least minimised is on the annual MOT. Don’t just leave the maintenance and servicing of your vehicle for the annual check-up. Here are our top 3 ways to save money on motoring and help reduce your MOT bill.

1.     Check the Fluids.

Checking the fluids under the bonnet and keeping them topped up is essential to keep your car running smoothly. A lot of modern cars have sensors that will alert you when something is low, but it is still essential you make regular checks as this will help you notice if something is amiss like a leak.

Engine Oil

Engine oil is one of the most important fluids in your car.  It lubricates all of the engine’s moving parts, so if it runs low wear on the engine can speed up – costing you money.

How to check your oil


Coolant or antifreeze is essential as it stops the engine from overheating. Again, if this fluid gets too low, the engine will get too hot and wear your engine out prematurely.

How to check your coolant

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid protects the metals that are used inside components such as braking callipers, ABS control valves and cylinders and is important for many reasons. Keeping on top of checking brake fluid could make the difference when it comes to MOT time.

How to check your brake fluid

2.     Inspect Under the Bonnet.

If you’re not used to poking about under the bonnet of your car, checking the engine and internal parts may feel like a bit of a daunting task. You don’t need to be a mechanic to be able to spot a problem, but if you’re not confident, take your car in for servicing to a garage regularly. Prevention is so much less expensive than a full-blown repair.  

Among the things you can check yourself are spark plugs and wires, fuel injectors, belts, hoses, tensioners, suspension, brakes, and clutches. Refer to your manual or check with your local Inverness garage like IT Garage Services for advice if needed.

3.     Check your Tyres

Tyre tread

Over time, your tyres will wear out and the grip they give you on the road will lessen. Change your tyres as often as possible for the right amount of friction while you are on the road.

How to check tyre tread – A quick test you can perform to check the tread level is the 20p test: Place a 20p coin into the main tread grooves of your tyre. If you can’t see the raised edge around the coin, your tyre’s tread is fine. If you can still see the outer band, your tyre could well be unsafe and you should see your local Inverness garage – IT Garage Services.  

Tyre Pressure

You should check your tyre pressure at least once a month. Having the correct tyre pressure not only increases the lifespan of your tyres but will also improve road safety.

How to check your tyre pressure – Tyre pressures will be different for every car model. Your vehicles correct pressure can be found in your handbook, or they are usually stamped in the sill of the driver’s door and sometimes inside your fuel cap. You can also check the pressure you should be using here.

You can check your pressure using gauges located at most petrol stations, or come into IT Garage Services and we can check and correct any pressure change.  

Where Can I Find Local Inverness Garage Service?

IT Garage Services is your one-stop-shop for car repair in Inverness providing services like:

  • Car servicing Inverness.
  • MOTs Inverness.
  • Brake tests and repair.
  • Fast fit services Inverness.
  • Diagnostics and repair.

and many more local garage services that’ll keep your used car in tip-top condition.

Where to find the best garage near me?

You can find the best garage in Inverness – IT Garage Services at

35H Harbour Rd Inverness IV1 1UA

Contact us now to book an appointment or for any enquiries:

01463 229922

Monday -Friday: 8 am to 6 pm

Saturday: 8 am to 1 pm

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