How to Prepare for Your Road Trip in Scotland

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The summer of 2021 is the season of the Staycation road trip in Scotland. Icons like Jack Kerouac make preparing for your road trip look like child’s play. But, in reality, you should get prepared for your epic Scottish road trip to ensure it’s filled with great memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Planning a successful road trip is easy when you follow our IT Garage ‘Guide to Preparing for Your Scottish Road Trip’

Read on for our top tips on how to prepare you and your vehicle for your road trip in Scotland.

Plan Your Road Trip in Scotland Route

Job one for preparing for your road trip is to plan your route. This will allow you to avoid potential problems on the road where time and tide might be against you to find alternative options. If you’re travelling on the NC500 route, why not check out Tartan Adventure’s guide to the North Coast 500 route for tips and places of interest to visit on the NC500.

It’s also recommended that you take a 15-minute break every two to three hours of driving to beat tiredness. So, when planning your route remember to include these rest stops. Try and fit the rests into stopping at places of interest so you can stretch your legs and make the most of your time on your road trip in Scotland.

Planning should also include checking for the weather conditions. Don’t set off if there are flood or bad weather warnings. Scotland has very changeable and often dramatic weather conditions – don’t get caught out! 

Car looking over clouds on road trip

Share Driving Responsibilities

If you’re not going off into the wilderness solo, it’s worth sharing the driving responsibilities with other people in your group.

Driving for extended periods takes a lot of concentration, making us tired and is more likely to lead to an accident. Rotating drivers will ensure that the driver remains alert and that everyone gets a chance to admire the beautiful Scottish landscape you’re driving through.

If you do decide to share a car with other drivers, everyone who gets behind the wheel must be insured.  Temporary car insurance from providers like the RAC can cover you up to a maximum of 30 days – plenty of time to complete your road trip in Scotland.

What to Pack on Your Road Trip in Scotland?

Take these essentials with you on your next road trip:

  • Important Documents: Remember to have to hand your – driving licence, car insurance details, and breakdown numbers just in case.
  • Sat-Nav/GPS/Map: As well as having a well-planned route, a sat-nav can be invaluable when traversing unfamiliar roads. Take a map as well in case you’re the sat-nav fails. It might be a tad old school, but a map will never break down!
  • First-aid Kit: Take a first-aid kit that includes plasters, bandages and paracetamol. If you’re travelling in Scotland you’ll need something to repel the midges and treat those bites too.  
  • Torch: yeah, you’ve probably got a torch on your phone, but it’s best to take a dedicated light source in case you need to check under the bonnet. You don’t want to waste that precious phone battery now do you?!
  • Sunglasses: Despite what you’ve heard, it can be sunny in Scotland. Take tinted sunglasses to avoid the dazzle and enjoy the view.
  • Toiletries: Tissues, wet wipes, and suncream are an absolute must on a road trip in Scotland. Hand-gel has become a staple in our day-to-day lives, so a road trip is no exception.  
  • Warm Clothes: It’s Scotland. Take a jacket with you as although the forecast could be sunny, Scotland has a habit of swiftly changing its mind.  Take wellies as a precaution, boots if you’re going to sample the hills and glens that Scotland is famous for!
Are you Road trip ready?
Is your car road trip ready?

Vehicle Checks Before a Road Trip

It’s important to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape before you hit the road. Perform these checks and it will ensure that you and your vehicle make it there and back again on your road trip in Scotland. Read below for our top tips and check out our maintenance tips blog for more details on how to keep that engine ticking.

  • Oil: Do a dipstick test before you leave. Your engine won’t last long on those hills if it’s not lubricated enough.
  • Coolant: You should be checking your coolant levels regularly, but before a road trip in Scotland it is even more important. Coolant removes excessive heat from your engine and also prevents the water from freezing. Terrific for protecting the engine no matter the weather.
  • Tyre pressure and tread depth: Correct tyre pressure will not only keep you safer on the road, but it will also save you money on petrol too. Most vehicles have a sticker that indicates minimum tyre pressures and the suggested pressures for heavy loads. To check the tread depth, insert a 20p coin into the tread grooves on the tyre. If you can’t see the outer band, your tread depth is too shallow. Get those tyres changed at your friendly neighbourhood garage – IT Garage Services.
  • Lights: Check your lights are in full working order. Many roads won’t be lit and single-track roads are still commonplace in the more remote areas of Scotland, so get a friend to help check your back lights too.

If there are any existing issues with the car, take it to one of our qualified mechanics at IT Garage Services who can service and repair your vehicle and even conduct an MOT if you require MOT services before you set out on your road trip in Scotland.

The Best Mechanics Near Me

Before heading off on your road trip, why not have your local Inverness garage look at the car. This may save you many a headache when you’re on the road!

Take your vehicle to the best garage services in Inverness – IT Garage Services! It’s your one-stop-shop for car repair in Inverness providing services like:

  • Car servicing Inverness
  • MOTs Inverness
  • Brake tests and repair
  • Fast fit services Inverness
  • Diagnostics and car repair near me

You can find the best garage in Inverness – IT Garage Services at

35H Harbour Rd Inverness IV1 1UA

Contact us now to book an appointment or for any enquiries:

01463 229922

Mon-Fri 8am- 6pm

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