Should I Buy an Electric Car?

With the price of fuel topping £2 a litre on some forecourts, IT Garage Services asks the question: “Should I switch to an electric car?”. The Push to Go Electric The good news is that the Scottish Government has put their money where its mouth is! And will provide more than £30m to support a […]

Summer Car Care Tips

IT Garage Service breaks down our best Summer Car Care Tips to keep your car in tip-top shape this summer! Hot or Cold, the weather affects your car You may have read our blog on Cold Weather Car Maintenance and how cold temperatures can cause real damage to your car. But you might not know […]

Why Are Fuel Prices So High in the UK?

IT Garage Services explains why fuel prices are so high in 2022.  Fuel prices in the UK have never been higher. Owning a car is not a cheap endeavour. But with fuel costs spiralling, along with a cost-of-living crisis is owning our beloved vehicle going to cost more than it’s worth? IT Garage Services asks […]

Save Money on Motoring – Fuel Efficiency

Our Save Money on Motoring series continues with ‘Fuel Efficiency’. Petrol and diesel are a huge part of the expenses of running a vehicle. But did you know you could save yourself a small fortune by being more mindful of your fuel economy? Read below to see IT Garage Services best hints and tips on […]

Top 3 Ways to Save Money on Motoring

Owning a vehicle can be an expensive endeavour. From the first outlay to buy the car, then to Insurance, fuel, maintenance, and then the dreaded MOT – the bills of how much a car will cost to run can mount up. A recent study by NumbleFins placed the average cost to run a car in […]