Summer Car Care Tips

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IT Garage Service breaks down our best Summer Car Care Tips to keep your car in tip-top shape this summer!

Hot or Cold, the weather affects your car

You may have read our blog on Cold Weather Car Maintenance and how cold temperatures can cause real damage to your car. But you might not know that hotter weather can affect your car! We should be just as vigilant with our car care in the hot weather as we are in the cold.

Discover our top summer car care tips below to make sure your car is as ready for summer as you are.

Battery Check

Battery failure is the most common breakdown for cars, that’s a fact! Hot temperatures can shorten the life of your car’s battery by evaporating the essential fluids. Especially if the seal on the battery has been compromised.

Check your battery’s condition and see if there are any signs of wear and tear. Or, be safe and get the battery checked by a qualified professional at your local Inverness IT Garage Services specialist.

Air-con Recharge – Summer Car Care

Most cars these days are blessed with glorious air-conditioning. Even in a mediocre Scottish summer, that can be a saviour on a long drive. The cool breezes of the air-con are unlikely to have been used for a few months whilst we are in the depths of winter. So it makes sense to give that air-con some love.

Manufacturers recommend that air-con systems are recharged every two years and for good reason. During the coming summer months, your air-con will be well used. You don’t want it breaking down just as the hot weather hits. Book yourself in for a recharge before we get to taps aff weather!


Tyres should be at the top of your list when carrying out checks on your vehicle, no matter the time of year.

Just like in winter, over or under-inflated tyres can not only affect your fuel economy, but it can also be dangerous to ride around on an unsuitable pressure.  The wrong pressure will put a strain on your tyres, increasing the likelihood of a blowout or maybe even an accident.

Check out our blog on how to check your tyre pressure for more details. You can always check your manual for the right pressure for your vehicle, or to be safe, you can always take it down to see us at IT Garage Services.


Yes, it is summer, but one thing you can rely on in Scotland is that the rain is ALWAYS just around the corner! Noisy wipers are more than an irritant. They could mean the difference between good visibility and poor visibility during one of those surprise rainstorms we all love.

A new set of wipers are relatively inexpensive, so it’s good to refresh them regularly to avoid any issues and that dreaded wet squeaking noise that will drive you crazy on a long drive.


Car washing. Some people love it. Most people hate it! But, a clean car is far easier to maintain in summer and will require less cleaning. During the summer there is a decreased chance of rain, so although the car is getting wet less, a freshly valeted car will stay cleaner for longer due to the roads having no salt or water on them. This muck on the roads will build up on your car and can deteriorate your car’s paint and even create rust.

Clean it often and you’ll have fewer problems in the long run. Plus, these days there are plenty of professional car valeters and car washes around so there are no excuses!

Where to find the best garage near me?

If you do have any concerns or are looking for a service, MOT or repair, you can find the best garage in Inverness – IT Garage Services at 35H Harbour Rd Inverness IV1 1UA

Contact us now to book an appointment or for any enquiries:

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IT Garage Service breaks down our best Summer Car Care Tips to keep your car in tip-top shape this summer! Hot or Cold, the weather

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