Save Money on Motoring – Fuel Efficiency

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Our Save Money on Motoring series continues with ‘Fuel Efficiency’.

Petrol and diesel are a huge part of the expenses of running a vehicle. But did you know you could save yourself a small fortune by being more mindful of your fuel economy?

Read below to see IT Garage Services best hints and tips on saving money on your fuel! 

Tyre Pressures

Having your vehicle’s tyres inflated to the correct pressures has a huge impact on your vehicle’s fuel economy. They are after all the only thing connected to the road! t’s like when you’re on a bike that has underinflated wheels – you have to peddle harder to get where you’re going, and it’s the same for your car!

Under-inflated tyres can have as much as a -2.5% on your miles per gallon (mpg) rate. Add that up over a year and you’ve got yourself hundreds of pounds lost!

Accelerate and Brake Responsibly

Be as smooth as you can with the car’s controls. Aggressive acceleration and sudden brakes might make you feel a little more like Lewis Hamilton, but it harms your vehicle’s fuel efficiency greatly.

When the lights turn green, don’t put your foot down like you’re in the Fast & The Furious. Accelerate briskly but smoothly.

The same goes for when you come to a stop. Anticipate things like stopping at junctions much earlier and reduce your speed smoothly rather than suddenly.


Your car’s fuel efficiency not only has a lot to do with how the car meets the ground but also how the car parts the air.

Opening your windows can play a big part in your car’s aerodynamics, even if they are just open a crack. At high speeds, this open window will affect the drag and, in turn, your fuel efficiency.

If it’s a hot day, it is much more fuel-efficient to use air conditioning than to have the window or sunroof open if you’re on the open road.

Check Your Weight

The more weight there is in the car, the higher your fuel costs are going to be. The heavier the vehicle, the more the engine needs to work to move that vehicle, the more fuel you’ll use.

Kee your car empty of extra luggage you don’t need. Old car seats, fast food rubbish, gym gear – it all adds up.

Ditch the extras and you’ll find that the fuel gauge doesn’t drop as fast as it used to and you’ll save money on motoring.

Clean Your Filters

Keep the clean car ethos going and make sure to clean your dirty or clogged fair and oil filters. Get your engine serviced regularly and the more you keep that engine working at an optimal level, the less you’ll spend on fuel.

Don’t Idle and Save Money on Motoring

A stopped car that’s still running will burn fuel going nowhere.

If you’re stopped waiting for someone, turn the engine off – your wallet will thank you. Many cars these days have stop-start technology which keeps an eye on such stops for you, but just turn the key when you’re stopping for a bit. Save the fuel for when you’re moving and save money on motoring.

Use Car Gadgets Wisely

Anything that drains the car’s battery is also going to drain your tank. The car uses the alternator to charge your battery, the alternator is powered by your engine, which uses fuel to work.

Heated seats, steering wheels, windscreens and anything else that’s heated will use extra fuel. All those mobile phones, mp3 players, sat navs etc. will be using your battery too, so charge wisely!

Leave The Car at Home and Save Money on Motoring

If you don’t need to drive somewhere, then don’t. Take the bus, walk, carpool with a friend. Anything that makes you not turn that ignition on is going to help you make savings on your fuel costs.

Small Changes Turn into Big Savings

All of the above tips are only small changes in habit but can make a big difference in your fuel bill.

The biggest change you can make is to have your engine serviced regularly, rather than leave your vehicle to bleed money until your next MOT.

Visit your local Inverness garage – IT Garage Services for regular servicing to keep your engine in tip-top shape and save money on motoring.