Understanding Your Car’s Dashboard Warning Lights

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IT Garage Services looks at what your basic dashboard warning lights mean.

Knowing what your dashboard warning lights mean can save you a big garage bill in the long run.

Because modern cars have all manner of sensors monitoring the vehicle, acting when a light comes on means you might be able to avoid an inconvenient breakdown or even a full-on expensive failure!  

The warning lights on your dashboard follow a handy traffic light system:

  • Green: the system is working
  • Yellow: something is not working quite right – check and fix it as soon as possible.
  • Red: there is a serious problem. Stop the vehicle and act now to prevent potential calamity!

Your car may have many fancy lights telling you what’s what, so always consult your manual when a light appears as they can mean a myriad of things. But here is IT Garage Service’s guide to the basic dashboard lights in your car, and what they may mean.

Engine warning light

If this light stays on after starting the engine, get your car checked immediately, even if the car feels normal to drive. This light indicates that there’s something wrong with the engine and if you don’t get it checked as soon as possible you could risk some major damage to your vehicle.

Oil pressure

Oil is the blood of your engine. It’s essential to lubricate your engine and helps it to run smoothly. Too little oil in the system or if there’s not enough pressure it can cause a big problem with your engine. If you see this light on: stop and check the oil gauge. If it’s low, just top up the oil. But if the lights stay on after you’ve topped up the oil take it to your local Inverness garage as it could be a warning sign of bigger problems.

Temperature Warning light

Like anything, if your engine gets too hot, it can cause a catastrophic failure. When this light appears, stop. Check your coolant levels and let your engine cool down for a bit. It may be that you’ve just run out of coolant, but if there’s a leak it could be an expensive trip to the garage.

Brake system

Don’t take any chances with this light. You need your brakes to be working optimally if you are to drive safely. If you see this light, or the brakes feel a little ‘spongy’, stop immediately and seek help from a local garage specialist like IT Garage Services in Inverness.

Battery charge

The battery charge light indicates that your battery isn’t charging as it should. This problem can cause issues with power steering, your headlights may fail, and several other features that rely on your battery to work may fail. Get the battery checked over by your local Inverness Garage IT Garage Services to avoid breaking down and being stuck somewhere.

IT Garage Services – your Inverness Garage specialists!

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