Top 5 Items All Drivers Should Own

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IT Garage Services breaks down the top 5 items all drivers should own before they hit the road.

Here’s IT Garage Services’ top 5 list of what we think are the most important driving essentials to keep you safe, prepared and ready for whatever the road may throw at you! This list is by no means exhaustive, so feel free to comment and add your top equipment to keep in the car.

Empty fuel can

Running out of fuel whilst driving is a nightmare for any driver. Having an empty fuel can in the car means you can walk to the nearest petrol station and get back on the road asap. Otherwise, it’s an embarrassing call to a friend, family member or roadside service for help!

Spare tyre

You should always have a spare wheel on board before you set off anywhere in the car. A blowout without a spare could mean a wait for roadside assistance. That could be a short wait if you’re in the city, but if you’re out in the country – expect a wee wait rueing not getting a spare tyre.

Tyre Jack

A spare tyre is useless without the tools needed to change the tyre. Pack a Tyre jack and be confident you know how to change a tyre when the time comes! A must for our list of Top 5 Items All Drivers Should Own.

Jump leads

A flat battery is another big problem that can be solved by just keeping the right equipment in your car. Keep some jump leads in your boot and all you’ll need is a jump off a good samaritan to get you back on your way!


Keep a basic toolkit in your car. That’ll give you the best chance to fix any wee problems that come your way and thwart your travels. A hammer, screwdriver, and some pliers at the very least can get you out of a myriad of scrapes!

IT Garage Services Inverness

That’s just IT Garage Services’ Top 5 Items All Drivers Should Own but there is plenty more you should be considering before you hit the road. Check out our blog on How to Prepare for a Road Trip In Scotland for more tips on what you should be taking along with you when driving.

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