Top Tips on How to Sell Your Car

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Top tips on how to sell your car from IT Garage Services.

So, the time has come to sell your car but you’re not quite sure how to go about it. If you want to get a fair price and get that vehicle moved on quickly, follow IT Garage Services top tips on how to sell your car. You’ll be counting that cash in no time at all

1. Is my car ready for sale?

Just like in cooking, presentation is important when it comes to selling your car. When a potential buyer sees the car has been left dirty or the interior not spick and span, their overriding thought will be ‘if the outside is that neglected, the maintenance of the vehicle is bound to be the same.’

Get the car washed and give the interior a clean to give your car the best chance of being sold. 

2. Do you I the correct documents ready?

Another great way of instilling confidence in your prospective buyer is to have your car’s history to hand in the form of documents. If you have a service book full of stamps for every service, as well as full MoT details then potential car buyers will more likely have the confidence to make you an offer.

3. What’s my asking price?

You need to work out what you want for the car. Adding in the depreciation factor, you need to calculate what you think someone will pay for the vehicle. A great place to start is to look at similar models on sites like eBay and AutoTrader. From there you can work out what your car could sell for and how much you are happy to take for the car.

This is a crucial point for Top Tips on How to Sell Your Car.

4. Where should I advertise my car?

In 2021, the obvious place to sell your car is online. Place an ad on a car site such as AutoTrader or eBay (there are others out there) and you’re likely to get far more interest than just an ad in the local paper. These websites allow you to put several photos of the car and a description to entice buyers in.

You can of course go to the sites like webuyanycar and the like and sell your car to a trader. But you are likely to get a little less than you would if you sell privately. It is however a very easy option if you are not too fussed about losing a wee bit of cash for the sake of convenience.  

The other option is to sell to a used car trader. They are in the used car game, so they will know how much your car is worth. You’ll get a quick deal and are unlikely to fall victim to any kind of scam with a reputable trader.  

5. Notify the DVLA that your car has been sold

Once you’ve managed to sell your car, all that is left is to let the DVLA know it’s been sold. You can do this online at the DVLA website these days. All you need is your V5C reference number from the logbook, the vehicle license plate number and the name and address of the new owner. Easy!

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