Top Tips on How to Sell Your Car

Top tips on how to sell your car from IT Garage Services. So, the time has come to sell your car but you’re not quite sure how to go about it. If you want to get a fair price and get that vehicle moved on quickly, follow IT Garage Services top tips on how to […]

5 Top tips for buying your first car

Preparing for buying your first car? Check out IT Garage Services top 5 tips for buying your first car. You never forget your first car. Whether you’ve just passed your test as a fresh-faced 17-year-old and dreaming of the open road, or you’re older and excited about your newfound freedom, buying your first car can […]

5 Tips When Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car is far cheaper than buying a new vehicle. Sure, it’s nice to be the first owner of your new pride and joy, but cash is king in any climate and new cars can depreciate as much as 40% within the first year of being on the road. A used car can […]