Winter Car Check

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We here at I.T garage services recommend you to have a mandatory winter car check before the start of the harsh winter season to prepare your car for it. Winter car check is a list of things which you need to ensure before the commencement of winters so that your car will be able to safely assist you in transportation and daily chores when the temperature falls down to minus bringing tricky conditions for your car and driving it.

In winters, car breakdowns and accidents are more likely to happen due to the unfavorable conditions. However, a winter car check service decreases the probability of any winter issues. The Inverness garage is the best “car servicing near me” option if you live in Inverness, Scotland and nearby areas. Our Inverness garage takes pride in the winter car check services it gives to its valuable customers in order to keep their cars running during the snowy and icy winter. Let us have a look at the checklist of the winter car check service.

1.     Checking the battery

A car requires more current from the battery to start the engine in winters. However, the lower temperature decreases the rate of chemical reaction taking inside the battery. Therefore, a battery should be in perfect condition to start your car on a winter morning. The Inverness garage qualified mechanics inspect the battery and its cables in your car. Things like fluid inside the battery, the voltage produced by the battery and cracks in battery cables and terminals are checked. If necessary, a battery replacement is done.

2.     Checking the cooling system

It is an essential part of winter car check here at Inverness garage. Our technicians inspect your car’s cooling system for any leaks. The frozen coolant is a great threat for your car’s engine block because upon freezing it expands and can damage the engine. We make sure that your car’s cooling system has a coolant that can safely serve its purpose in freezing temperatures. A typical 50/50 mixture of water and antifreeze prevents the freezing of coolant in the radiator.

3.     Filling the windshield washer reservoir

One of the most common problems while driving in winters is the reduced visibility. Therefore, windshield wiper fluid is a must in such conditions. At Inverness garage, we fill your car’s windshield washer reservoir with the high-quality freeze-resistant fluid. This keeps your windshield free of snow, ice, mud and salts and keeps the road visible.

4.     Checking the windshield wipers and defrosters

We are the best car servicing near you in Inverness, Scotland who make sure that your windshield wipers and defrosters are in good health. Windshield wiper blades are made of rubbers and last for at most six months. We install heavy-duty wiper blades in the winter car check service that wipes all the snow falling from the sky while you’re driving. Defrosters are also checked which make sure that mist doesn’t accumulate on the windshield that reduces the visibility.

5.     Inspection of tire health

If you plan on switching to snow tires, we can provide you this assistance in our winter car check service. Otherwise, we’ll inspect the health of your existing tires and tell you if they will be able to withstand the harsh winter conditions. We tell you if your tires have enough tread, if there is uneven wear or if the rubber of the tires is in good condition or not. Properly inflated tires are a must to develop the necessary grip on winter roads.

6.     Checking the oil

The engine oil can get thick due to freezing temperatures and its ability to lubricate the running engine can get negatively affected. We at Inverness garage check the condition of engine oil in the winter car check service and sometimes recommend using a thinner engine oil in your car during the winters.

7.     Checking drive belts and hoses

Cracked drive belts and hoses have a greater chance of causing an engine breakdown in winters. You might not like the idea of getting stuck in your car in the middle of the road when it’s snowing heavily outside. Therefore, as a winter car check, we check the drive belts and hoses for cracks and wear, and replace them if required.

8.      Ensuring that your car has an emergency kit

Winter isn’t like other seasons. Despite doing all the necessary maintenance in your car before the start of it, you can still get stuck in an uncomfortable situation. Therefore, we recommend you to ensure that your car has things like a first-aid kit, a flashlight, some food, a bag of sand/salt for traction in emergency situations.

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