5 Reasons to Book Your MOT with a Local Independent Garage

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Shopping local has never been more important than it is now. Every industry is shouting from the rooftops to ‘#supportlocal and this applies to local Inverness garage services and Inverness MOT centres as well.

When it comes to booking vehicle repairs, regular maintenance or booking your car into an MOT garage near you, ‘shopping local’ has a few advantages over choosing one of the big, faceless corporations.

Here are our top 5 Reasons to “book my MOT” or service with a local independent garage in Inverness.


Independent local garages and local MOT centres don’t have the huge overheads that larger franchise and dealership have to contend with. They can more afford to keep their operations tight and cost-effective.

From a poll carried out by the Independent Garage Association, the average hourly rate for labour costs was £40 for independents, whilst the national average for main dealers was £95.94. That’s a saving of over 50% on the hourly rate, just by choosing an independent garage in Inverness rather than a large corporation.  MOT maximum prices are set by the government, so you won’t see much difference between garages, but if you choose an independent local MOT centre near me in Inverness then you can save money on any work that may need doing to your vehicle.

Customer service

Good customer service is something that should not be overlooked. Although the big franchises no doubt have some great people working for them that will provide you with good service, a local independent garage reputation not only relies on how well they look after your vehicle but also how well they look after you before, during and after your service or MOT.

Reputation is everything for a local independent business in Inverness, so you can guarantee they will go the extra mile to make sure you’re happy. Inverness MOT centres are a mix of independent and franchised garages, but the local independent garage cannot be beaten for building a good, long-lasting relationship with your garage. Inverness and the Highlands are a small place and word gets around, especially on social media. Local independent Inverness garages will move heaven and earth to keep a good relationship with their customers, ensuring you get the best service.


In an industry like Garage Services, saving time equates to saving money.

Choosing a local garage for your MOT will save you plenty of time and money. An independent garage can get your MOT done, deliver your vehicle back to you at YOUR convenience and be there to follow up with you with any issues or further work needing to be completed. Franchised garages may have to send for parts from another outlet, or maybe even move your vehicle to a specialist garage that might be a few hundred miles away (especially when we are in the Highlands). You shouldn’t have to take time off work to wait for repairs or to for your MOT to be completed either. Local garages like IT Garage Services can pick up your vehicle, complete the work, and then deliver it back to you at a convenient time and place – it couldn’t possibly be more convenient than that!

Your local MOT centre or garage will also offer a more personal service than the larger garages. They’re more likely to be able to work their schedule around yours and be able to be more flexible in times of necessity or an emergency. They won’t need to “call Head Office” for any decisions to be made.


By supporting your local independent garage and MOT centre, you’re investing in your local economy and the community. Money spent in these operations goes directly to paying that garage’s operating costs and gets into the hands of its local workers who, in-turn spend it in the local economy. There’s no money getting directed to big corporate headquarters who-knows-where on who-knows-what.  There are millions of businesses in the UK, and over 90% of them are small business operations.

The money you spend in Inverness is more likely to stay in the local area if you spend your money in a local Inverness MOT centre.

Specialist Services

Smaller independent garages can have a specialism that they’re well known locally for. It could be a specific type of vehicle, a brand, or a particular service that they specialise in.

This specific knowledge provides a higher standard of work, completed in a much quicker time – saving you money once again! The bigger dealerships and franchises tend to be more of a jack-of-all-trades operation, whereas, if you go to your local MOT centre in Inverness you could get a more thorough, cost-effective experience.

Reasons to use your local garage

So, whether it’s an MOT in Inverness, a car service in Inverness or a repair near you needed on your vehicle, think about supporting your local garage. It makes sense for both you and the business you choose to give your business to.

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